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One of the pillars of education is mentoring.
The Alumni Association of D. Mendeleev University creates a platform for the exchange of experience, where graduates of MCTI-MUCTR with extensive experience and high professionalism, will help students to master their future profession. The main task of mentoring is improving the quality of student education. And this is the most effective form of education, since mentoring is individual, targeted and closest to real conditions.
Activities within the program «Mentoring» are:
● Organization of practical training for students
● Assistance to graduates in employment
● Participation in determination of topics and guidelines for action of start-ups within the framework of MUCTR program «Accelerator Mendeleev»
● Lectures, holding master classes and round tables with the participation of students and graduates of the university
● Organization and holding of conferences, seminars, symposiums, consultations, internships involving members of the Alumni Association of MUCTR.
Today, in order to remain a sought-after specialist, it is not enough just to get a higher education - you need to regularly improve your skills. Raising the level of education, retraining and receiving additional education allow young specialists to acquire new skills, get a new profession and thereby ensure their professional and career growth.
The Alumni Association of MUCTR will help university graduates to gain new knowledge and improve their professional level.
Activities within the framework of the program «Career growth: training and retraining» are:
● Organization and holding of advanced courses
● Getting additional education
● Conducting expert examinations and individual consultations with leading scientists of MUCTR within the framework of cooperation agreements.
The program «Generational Bridge» is focused on creating a platform for dialogue between students and graduates of different generations, for the exchange of experience and knowledge of graduates, for the implementation of their scientific and professional abilities. The program unites graduates to a community of like-minded people who are interested in preservation of traditions, in development and promotion of the D. Mendeleev university. It does not matter whether you are at the top of your career or just taking the first steps in your profession, you are a member of the big family of MUCTR. The future is always rooted in the past. Therefore, it is important to create and develop ties between graduates of different years, to involve them in today's life of the university. The connection of generations is not only the transfer of experience, but also gratitude to those who finish their professional activity and pass the baton to the youth.
Activities within the framework of the program «Generational Bridge» are:
● «Dynasty of Alumni of D. Mendeleev University» - debating club of hereditary graduates of MCTI-MUCTR
● Development of business cooperation and friendly ties between alumni of different years of graduation
● Organization and holding of alumni reunions
● Access to the Children's Technopark, where events can be organized for the children and grandchildren of our graduates
● Access to the university gym, where our graduates and their families can come for training.
The Alumni Association of MUCTR has created a popular science platform for all the curious, erudite and those who are just interested in life! Within the framework of the «Entertaining Saturday» program, well-known scientists and experts in various fields of science and knowledge, as well as heads of large corporations from Russia and abroad can give interesting lectures and presentations. At the same time, graduates of our university take both the place of the listener and the chair of the expert.
Club meetings are held online every Saturday. To listen to a lecture or watch a video of past lectures, it is enough to register on the website of the Alumni Association of MUCTR.
The history of the university is the life of all of us - graduates, teachers and today's students. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, «There is properly no history, only biography.» And we want to collect these biographies, memories, photographs, and write our history of the university - the history of our life.
Activities within the program «Writing Together the University’s History» are:
● Organization of meetings of students with outstanding graduates of MCTI-MUCTR.
● Collection of photographs and personal memoirs of MCTI-MUCTR graduates, where they talk about their student life.
● Digitization of photographs, student stories and other historical materials for public viewing.
● Publication of a book based on the memories of MCTI-MUCTR graduates.