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The Alumni Association of D. Mendeleev University unites graduates of the Moscow D. Mendeleev Institute of Chemical Technology and the D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia to a community of like-minded people who are interested in preservation of traditions, in development and promotion of the university. It does not matter whether you are at the top of your career or just taking the first steps in your profession, you are a member of the big family of D. Mendeleev University. The future is always rooted in the past. Therefore, it is important to create and develop ties between graduates of different years, to involve them in today's life of MUCTR. The Association is focused on creating a platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge of graduates, for the implementation of their scientific and professional abilities.
The Association has different directions of activity and big plans for their implementation.
The scientific and professional activities of the Association include a wide range of various events of mutual interest to graduates and today's students. Thus, the Association will be able to provide assistance in employment and recruitment. Currently, several projects are being successfully implemented as part of the development program of MUCTR, in which extrabudgetary funds were allocated by alumni of our university.
The Professional Club «Entertaining Saturday» has started its work, which is a popular science platform where famous scientists and experts in various fields of science and knowledge, as well as heads of large corporations from Russia and abroad give interesting lectures and presentations. At the same time, graduates of our university take both the place of the listener and the chair of the expert.
With the support of the Association, it is planned to hold round tables and conferences with the participation of students and graduates of MCTI-MUCTR.
Another direction of the Association's work is the development of relations with graduates living abroad. They can become «authorized representatives» of D. Mendeleev University in their countries of residence.
Life runs fast, and in the hurry we forget a lot from the past, lose relations with friends. Alumni Association of MUCTR will help you to find your friends and organize a classmates reunion. In addition, we want to bring together your memories, photographs, student stories and other historical materials in order to preserve our heritage. Together with you, we want to write our history of the university - the history of our life. To do this, you need to make only a small effort – to fill out a questionnaire on the Association's website. And together we will create our future!
Goals of the Alumni Association of MUCTR are:
● Assistance in the preservation and strengthening of the traditions of MUCTR
● Development of business cooperation and friendly ties between alumni of different years of graduation
● Assistance to graduates in employment
● Assistance to university graduates in the recruitment of personnel among students and young specialists who graduated from MUCTR
● Organization and holding of conferences, seminars, symposiums, consultations, internships involving members of the Association
● Organization and holding of advanced courses, examinations, consultations for members of the Association
● Organization and holding of alumni reunions

● Strengthening the corporate spirit among students and alumni of all generations.