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Entertaining Saturday 05.02.2022

Can a chemist become a marketer? And is it necessary?

The professional club "Entertaining Saturday" continues its activities. On the upcoming Saturday, 05.02.2022, we invite you to another meeting with the graduate! Everything is simple, connect to Zoom from any convenient device anywhere.

To your attention: Savinkov Sergey Valerievich.

Candidate of Technical Sciences, MBA, member of the Council of the Guild of Marketers, certified expert in marketing communications, Associate Professor of the Department of Advertising, Public Relations of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, business consultant.
In 1973 he entered, and in 1980 he graduated from the Department of Electrochemical Production of the Faculty of TNV (Technology of inorganic substances).
On Saturday, February 5, at 10:00, Sergey Valerievich will try to answer two questions of the meeting "Can a chemist become a marketer? And is it necessary?".
Sergey Valerievich's experience is multifaceted. After graduating from the MCTI, he joined the Research Institute of the Chlorine sub-branch as a young specialist, defended his PhD thesis there, working on a project significant for the country. He also worked in the Ministry of Chemical Industry of the USSR as a chief technologist: he supervised the enterprises of the chlorine industry of the Union. He left the ministry for a nascent small business. He was invited to work in the USA. When he returned, he seriously engaged in marketing. Together with a partner, we have created and are developing a marketing technology for promoting products to the market. Sergey Valeryevich will share his life experience and his thoughts about the important problems facing us, people with technical education, engineers, scientific and technical workers.